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Thread: Facebbok is losing its way in attempts to make money

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    Facebbok is losing its way in attempts to make money

    Here's a bit if discussion about the way even FB paid promotion of posts (get more likes) end up filled by click farms, actually reducing the productivity of a business page.


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    Facebook has come under a lot of criticism lately about their ads. We have another relevant thread if this subject is of interest, in particular see the newer postings where the BBC reports on Facebook ad fraud.


    I'm amazed that any businessperson would even consider advertising on FB these days. But they do. On forums with less Internet-savvy members, it's quite common to see people contemplating starting an advertising campaign on Facebook. Perhaps they haven't heard about the potential problems. There again, perhaps they do know about the problems and hope it'll be beneficial to do it anyway.

    As I mentioned in the earlier thread, I've seen some EP members' businesses advertising on FB. It would be very helpful if they'd give us some feedback about their experience with it.
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    I advertised for about $100 worth of promotions on FB, had a 25% off coupon that was very successful via AdWords. Total sales from FB for all that money? nada, zilch, big fat goose egg. And exactly one like for the page. There were a fair number of clicks but no actual revenue. I would be hard pressed to advertise on FB again but if they do a free promo, i.e. $50 of free advertising, I may consider it.

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    I don't think you can really compare FB advertising to AdWords, it requires a different strategy. Here is how I am using FB advertising (occasionally):

    1) Promoting Posts. If I have important news that I want my page fans to see. This is unfortunate, but in order to reach the users that are fans of your page, you have to promote your posts nowadays. It wasn't always this way, in fact that was the reason for getting people to Like your page was to market to them, but that is the way it is going (http://www.adweek.com/news/technolog...h-pages-156417)

    2) Mobile Apps. I use this to get downloads for a mobile app that I am promoting. Also if you do some minor app integration, you know exactly which clicks convert to downloads (which you can't do with Google, at least not with an iOS app).

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    I spent the exact same amount of money and had the exact same result. Even down to the 1 like. I was also very successful using adwords. I even had a custom 10K list of FB users interested in the topic. The Facebook dog don't hunt.

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