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Thread: Video: What are some myths about SEO?

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    Video: What are some myths about SEO?

    This is a new video from Matt Cutts:

    Too bad is only 4 minutes, the list could go on for much longer!

    I know lots of people dealing with Google traffic have a love/hate relationship with the info coming from Matt, what's your pick?


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    Usually the biggest myths in SEO are things which Matt Cutts says. You can often be sure that if he says Google doesn't do something, then they actually do, and vice versa.

    However, this video seems to be an exception and what he says is very believable, ie if people really knew a fool-proof way to make money online, they would just get on and use that technique to make money. They wouldn't be selling the technique as an eBook.

    Mind you, that was general advice rather than Google-specific advice so I've not yet seen a case where Matt Cutts gives "information" about what Google does or doesn't do and his information has turned out to be correct.
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