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Thread: Top EU court rules that Google has to remove irrelevant links...

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    Shouldn't that be up to the search engine to keep upto date? Why should it be an individuals responsibility to have data removed?
    Grynge, I agree wholeheartedly. But there should also be a fast track for people to notify Google of they seem to be dragging their feet. Google is not exactly the world's most responsive company - in fact you could be forgiven for thinking that they deliberately make it difficult for people to contact them, for things that they deem low-priority.

    Google isn't simply reporting the fact that information has been published. It is getting to choose which past information about you it should send searchers to. That's a power that can (and will) be used for evil.
    True. I haven't seen the discussion that led to the EU ruling, so I don't know how much they took that aspect into account. But history suggests that if the EU highlights something like this, then G will make a change that satisfies the letter of their demand - as interpreted by their lawyers.

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    Take a step back and look at how this has played out in a similar situation, how Google handles DMCA requests. Luckily, it is only a big deal with Google in terms of Youtube. Google receives millions of DMCA requests to get Youtube videos removed for a myriad of reasons. For sure, a lot of them are valid requests. The problem is that it has all become automated. The big media companies have bots that scan Youtube for certain patterns, and Google has its own bots that pull down the videos. What percentage of those that get removed really should not be removed? If you put up a parody of a certain song, you stand a good chance of getting pulled down by the automated DMCA bots, even though it is well established that parody does not infringe upon copyright.

    Now consider it, do you really think Google is going to invest in hiring and training people to be able to screen these requests for pages to be removed from their index to make sure those requests are valid and lawful? Hell no! They're going to fight tooth and nail to make sure this doesn't get implemented, then if they lose that battle they're going to automate it and not give a crap unless some big company puts up a stink about something that got removed. In other words, this is going to be open for far more abuse than what we already see here in the US regarding the DMCA.

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    You made some good points about YouTube and DMCA requests. But keep in mind that the DMCA deals with an activity that is already accepted as illegal, namely copyright infringement. What the ECJ ruling is concerned with is quite different. The "right to be forgotten" is not yet enshrined in European law, and is in fact very contentious. The attempts to create such a right have been watered down by the European Parliament, and might never be ratified. As well, a DMCA take-down notice relating to YouTube will be served on the company that is hosting the infringing content, whereas the ECJ ruling places an obligation on a third party (a search engine, in this case), who can reasonably claim that they have no control over the hosting of the content.


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