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Thread: Want to buy (or start) a website

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clinton View Post
    Great post, crabfoot. I'd just like to add one thing.

    SEs aren't the only senders of traffic.
    Yes - that's why I prefer the phrase "drive traffic" most of the time, but DT as an abbreviation is unfortunately already taken (delerium tremens).

    Quote Originally Posted by NoBenefits View Post
    Actually thought I'd ask another question here from some experienced old hands (I use the term old not in age!) related to my new project Im working on.

    Quite simply I could focus on several sub niches and I am not so sure how to assess which one has the best market opportunity and is more likely to bring in a viable return. The sub niches in this case are Penny Stocks, Equity Crowd Funding, or potentially a specific stock market (for example Australian Stocks).

    So I am try to work out what's the best way to assess which market has the best opportunity, as in largest numbe rof participants, is easierly accessible to find users and more likely to have users who are willing to pay for services.

    A tough question and perhaps too vague, but giving it a shot to see if anyone knows the way I can best assess this.
    In your current situation I can see you are anxious to get started, but you need either an extra skill set or a partner with complimentary skills - and you run the risk of letting the partner walk off with your ideas. What you really need is a mentor. To save you paying out for mentoring, I will suggest a way for you to go forward by watching someone else in the same business doing it on Empire Avenue. Watch out for a PM ...
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