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    I thought that .uk was new, and reserved for holders of the for a long sunrise period. Thus, if you own the you can hedge your bets and wait for a while. If the isn't already gone, then you can get the .uk now. I was interested in the .uk domains until I realised that, naturally, all the good ones were already gone (or reserved). Some of the domain registrars don't make that very clear. I was on NameCheap, where I buy my .coms and they made out that .uks were available. I double checked with HeartInternet, where we buy our .co.uks and they weren't available at all. I found that out after I'd paid NameCheap for a domain only to be told after I'd paid that it was reserved and they'd refund me. It seems like rather an annoying and silly way to go about things. HeartInternet was much better about spelling out what's really available to all comers.

    When .co came out, I bought a couple of good ones. They'd be worth a fortune if they were .com But I don't think there's much interest in them at all now.

    Anyway, how's life in the content creation business? Good, I hope.
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    Yes, the content creation business is going well thank you. Lots of happy clients, but as always, I'd be happy to take on a few more .


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