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Thread: The threat of feedback

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    David, that's a very useful and informative post - and one that reflects your professional attitude.


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    By the way, the "fit" works both ways; I often tell people that we are not the right firm for their work.
    One thing I'd like to point out, however is the imbalance of circumstance and outcomes in the relationship. The right "fit" for the client is a lot more important than the right fit for the attorney. For many people, they might hire, or have to hire, the first lawyer and/or doctor that comes along. If you get into a car accident (for example) and have to have your leg amputated, there isn't time to do due diligence. Legal emergencies also exist. Too many times I've seen an attorneys sugar coat the outcome or telling a client what they want to hear to get a case. You also aren't the one being charged $300 an hour, not to mention what could be life-changing circumstances if your professional judgement is wrong. For you, it's another client and life goes on the same as it always did and you're $1000's richer regardless of the outcome. For the client it could be their life savings and the end of their way of life. You have nothing to lose regardless of the outcome, the client on the other hand, could lose everything. That's a totally different set of circumstances than if the cashier is rude to me. I'm not saying you're wrong, or that you shouldn't vett your clients, but I'm saying the outcome of the relationship is a whole lot more serious on one end, than it is on the other.

    There is, of course, nothing you can do about that. Nor does that make you at fault in any way. My point is the stakes are a lot higher, and more personally devastating for the client who hires the wrong lawyer than it is for the lawyer who doesn't accept a case.

    But we are digressing way off the subject of feedback and for that I apologize to Mike.

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