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Thread: Gargyl Is A Liberal

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    There seems to be a presumption that the only way any such analysis of new material on the web can immediately influence SERPs is via a vast bank of humans constantly monitoring every written word, forming judgments and then implementing algo tweaks based on those judgments.

    Given it's Google we're talking about here it's not impossible that the bots themselves have some intelligence and can discern political biases, anti-Google rhetoric and a whole load of other stuff. Because people are often signed into various Google services when they visit these sites and post/comment on them Google can associate individual comments and opinions with specific users. That combined with the vast amounts of data they already have on each one of us makes for minutely detailed profiles on millions of individuals' interests, political leanings, sexual preferences, brand loyalties and what not. Not just on those individuals but on who's in their friends circle, who they are related to, the type of people they build close connections with, the type of places they shop, the books they read etc.etc. Combine all that with personalised results and ... you don't need a conspiracy theory for crabfoot to be right. Even when personalised search is turned off it could be still tuned to your IP.

    Google has chosen to improve your "user experience" by directing you to the SERPs that it feels are most suited to you. Giving a conservative voter results that have a liberal bias may be because Google thinks you're searching for something outside your comfort zone (i.e. you already frequent conservative sites so you must be searching for something different) or because (conspiracy theory territory) Google thinks you need to be converted. Just because it's a conspiracy theory doesn't mean it's impossible that it's a fact.
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