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Thread: Turnkey affilate query

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    @LauraVW, I will admit that reply in post 8 above was probably more an emotional reaction than a business one. The perception which caused the reaction was your mention of a couple people who were willing to help get you started for a premium, while stating your concern over getting 'sucked in' as a newbie. I've watched a lot of talented, determined people attempt to base a business around affiliate revenue. It is far more difficult than those that claim to be able to teach this process admit.

    Quote Originally Posted by lauravw
    Maybe then I will be the 1%. nothing like taking the "easy" option.
    Don't perceive the above discussion as a 1% chance of success in succeeding in business. Your chance of being profitable can be 100%. My experience is that very few affiliate-only sites work. Stores with real products work, blogs with highly trained specialties work, forums work, directories work, etc. Build a site useful to others, that brings traffic, then you will have the opportunity to monetize your site.

    Businesses make money selling products and services. They can either sell their own or help other businesses promote and sell. That's all there is to making money online or offline. Affiliate sales is nothing more than creating and operating a performance-based ad agency. The web adds contortions and variations to the typical pitch, but in the end it's nothing more than advertising. You work for commissions, so your success or failure is based on how well you promote and sell products and services for others.

    If you know a product or category better than most people, then that's where you start - buy and sell your own products or help others with theirs. The question that leads to 100% chance of success isn't about building affiliate sites or AdSense sites or any of the other types, it's determining your specialty focus. What products or services do you know well enough to help others? Once you know that answer, and apply it, then you can focus on getting paid for (monetizing) your work.

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    Hi. Sorry for taking so long to reply, work got a bit manic. Thank you for all the words of advice and i think Universe heard you also as not long after your post the site had been sold which acted as a bit of a wake up call for me. So after all my questions I have decided not to go for the Turnkey option...ever!

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    Hi Laura, it's good to see you back. I'm kinda glad you've decided not to go for the turnkey option. I really think my new book would help you - it's a guide to buying websites. It's available free in the Premium Lounge - and you're already a Premium Member - all you have to do is pop in there and claim it. (The book isn't currently published anywhere else.)
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