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Thread: Grounds for deleting threads on this forum - recent events

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    Grounds for deleting threads on this forum - recent events

    We were under pressure recently to remove a thread that was discussing a certain company.

    I did not see any defamatory material in that thread so held out against its deletion. However, our hosting company came under increasing pressure and eventually caved. We were told to remove the material ... or else.

    That's not good enough. We can't go removing threads simply because they state facts that one can easily find by researching WHOIS and the copy of the company's website. If the hosting company doesn't have the stomach to withstand some bullying then it's time for a new hosting company and that's what we were working towards.

    However, there's been a new development. The request to remove the thread has apparently nothing to do with defamation and there is a deeper humanitarian issue involved. While I am investigating this I have removed the thread in question.

    I am posting this because people like peterdavis, David S, crabfoot and others have contributed to the thread and may be wondering what happened to it. This is a FYI. Till I know more I'm leaving mine as the only comment here i.e. this new thread is closed to comments to avoid speculation.

    Rest assured if I am not satisfied about the background and if it turns out that the motivation to remove the original thread was simply to avoid bad publicity, I shall release the thread back to public view even if it means changing hosting companies.
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