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Thread: Bad news for those in the apps business?

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    Bad news for those in the apps business?

    For a while it seemed as though apps were going to play a big part in online business. But this article suggests that the demand for new smartphone apps is falling. They suggest two reasons for this - the increasing proportion of older users and that people generally are happy enough with older apps and don't feel the need to constantly get new ones. They also suggest that people aren't very interested in paying for apps.

    I'm probably fairly typical of the people who were surveyed and not very into apps. They'd probably class me as being an older user too. I really disliked the last app I downloaded (free). It was Kindle for Windows 8 and I took MikL's advice and very quickly ran back to the old version for Windows 7, which is a far superior app.

    How about you? Do you download a lot of apps, free and/or paid? Do you think there's a declining demand or it's just one survey and may not represent the true picture.

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    I haven't yet paid for an app, but I can see cases where I might, for the same reason that I sometimes pay for the PRO version of Firefox plugins - the ability to save or print what the app generates. I doubt whether I'd update and app because it introduced new functions - I'd start from scratch, comparing it with its competitors, when I needed the function.

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    I've bought a few apps, got some free ones too. Nine times out of ten if I'm downloading a new app it's for one of my kids. 90% of what I use my iPhone/iPad is for email, texting, checking in on my forums, finding directions, and looking up stuff on Google. The other 10% is just playing around with stuff that I could easily do without.

    I can see the market getting more mature and there are so many new apps coming on the market now that it really takes something remarkable to stand out enough to make it big. Lots of the apps, especially in the Android marketplace, are "me too" apps that just don't do anything different than what's already out there. Why would anyone want them?

    Having said that, I am actively working on developing apps for my websites. But, I'm doing that to service an existing audience as much as to try to put my sites out in front of new audiences. I'm not sure if it will turn out to be worthwhile, but I'm willing to take the risk.

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