A year or so ago I combed through the EP Forum thinking I was going to buy my first site and go from there, I am highly interested in the idea of buying established cash flows, sorta treating websites like a rental property. My background is primarily ecommerce and I have a good nack for business. But, I am not specifically looking for e-commerce sites and actually avoiding them to a certain extent. Anyways after taking a break from looking for sites I am back at it.

I recently pursued a deal which fell through, I was confident with my due diligence, but basically decided I was not going to spend more than a certain amount and could not reach an agreement with the buyer.

I have now found a new site I am highly interested in and although I am confident in most of my abilities to perform due diligence, it is my first time and being almost triple the price of the previous negotiation I am wanting to be a bit more careful. I also want to learn a lot so that going forward so I get better and better at what I am trying to do. Now I am basically asking for some specific help. Other than some traffic verification, which I am going to try to learn a bit on my own before asking question, my main concern is viability of the site going forward. To me this has to be one of the most difficult, but yet most important aspects of DD. It can be vague, yet require expertise in a specific field. Basically I am trying to analyse the risk of something happening overnight that flips the business on its head. An example may be changes in googles algorithms.

So if anyone has any thoughts on future risk or is experienced and willing to talk privately let me know.