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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all

    Hi there! I'm into photography right now and would like to know what you guys think about me uploading my portfolio online. How will I be able to monetize it? Any tips would be great. Thanks!

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    Hi and welcome to Experienced People. Sure, you can make money from your photos if their quality is high enough and if there are people willing to buy the genre.

    Do you want to have your own website and try to sell your photos from there?

    Alternatively, you could package them and sell via a digital goods service, such as E-junkie or Gumroad.

    Or you could just upload them to a stock photo site and sell that way.

    There's a big demand for photos (almost every webmaster needs them), but there are countless sources of free images so the competition to sell is very tough. If you go down that route you have to do some serious research to discover what people want to buy. Also, if you're trying to sell via a stock photo site, then the quality has to be very high. That said, there a few stock photo sites popping up who have lower standards of what they'll accept, ie photos good enough to illustrate blog posts.

    It's a very difficult way to make money. To succeed, your photos need to be something that's not easily found elsewhere.

    Good luck.
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