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Thread: I've never seen this trick before

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    To go back to this statement (which I am disputing):

    Quote Originally Posted by dsieg58 View Post
    We all know .edu links are some of the best link juice.
    The following quote might be helpful. This is from John Mueller, who is a Google employee:
    ... backlinks from .EDU domains generally do not get “additional credibility from Google.” Because of that, the whole topic of working especially hard to talk webmasters of these domains into linking to your sites seems a bit problematic
    (emphasis added; source)

    I hope this helps.


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    Interesting. I stand corrected.

    Then, if that is the case, how are they taking over page one of Google?

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    Domain authority/trust

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    Quote Originally Posted by tke71709 View Post
    Domain authority/trust

    I think trust is the important word here. John Mueller (aka. espace de Cutts) can legitimately say that "backlinks from .EDU domains generally do not get "additional credibility from Google"", without pointing out that Google does mistrust many backlinks in the long term.

    I have been looking around quite a bit. There are still people out there making money from the sort of sites that clutter up the SE results without adding anything.


    I found people talking about "churn and burn" methods. They put a site up on a new domain, and by using links and traditional SEO methods get the site to rank well in the interim period between Google dances. That is usually about 11-12 weeks. In that time they can make money, after a Google review the site is normally de-indexed and becomes worthless.


    I have found people complaining that they put the work in and just as they start to get a return they are cut down by a review, and people who say they can make money by the method and get a site to rank in a couple or three weeks, but offer no advice on how they do that. Which is rational, given that Google spider any and all the free info on the web.

    What I can find out about the methodology suggests that simple link building is the key to the strategy. The people who can get a site to the point of making money, only to be slapped back down, are showing (to my mind) that careful link building is not enough. There is some way to get off to a head start with each new site, and those who are doing this successfully are not sharing that info to protect it from Googly eyed people.

    Whatever, I just ran one of D Sieg's searches on Google through a free US proxy, and got four .edu references showing on the first page, all with the same text. And four other references with similar text and Chinese page titles. And the only reason Adobe features on the page is through paid ads.

    In my experience, trying to discuss Google search on the web is often confounded by Google taking action to adjust their results, based on the discussion.
    Perhaps some results have been removed, and pages de-indexed. Perhaps G will de-index individual pages from .edu sites without penalising the site as a whole. We will never know.

    What I believe we are looking at here is a somehow ingenious way around the de-indexing of junk domains.

    Whether that works by leaving the donor domains with valid links that can be re-used, or by leaving the target site unaffected when the link donors are de-indexed, I don't know.

    This Chinese chap has found a way to get his message across,
    and is not going to publicise how he does it, or it will stop working as soon as Google can find a way to understand it.

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