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Thread: Wishing you well Clinton.

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    Wishing you well Clinton.

    Came back as I do, once in a while. Just noting the news, and to say wish you well in retirement Clinton

    As regards the slow down in the market, my own site buying for commercial intent stopped probably 3-4 years ago, although I almost bought a site a fortnight ago on flippa because it was a perfect fit for something I wanted to promote not-for-profit : it was the site I might have created given the time to do it- so there is still a motive for site

    But assessing the score for me - I am guessing out of the ten I bought 3 were out and out scams, 3 were materially defective or google rendered them such and so ultimately did not serve the purpose, only three achieved what they were set out to, one exceeding expectations, but did not cover the cost of the others. So I am far from convinced that site buying the right way to create online infrastructure anyway.

    Given that one of the (not the only) driving forces behind traffic to flippa was the "30 day challenge" and what became of that and the team behind that, it is not a great advert for site property developing which is at best fickle and for the most part short lived.

    So I wish you well Clinton and All

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