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Thread: Facebook accounts for 25% of all US pageviews

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    Facebook accounts for 25% of all US pageviews

    According to Mashable, one in four pageviews in the US is at FB

    Hitwise is showing that in the past week, Facebook.com saw 3% more web visits and almost five times more pageviews than Google

    What happens if they get into search in a big way as this article suggests is inevitable? Could they become the killer SE that YahooSoft have failed to become?

    Do we start doing SEO for FB?
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    I've always been a bit slow at using social media, FB, twitter etc but realise for the larger sites it's too big to ignore so have created a fan page for my larger sites, got the vanity url and trying to build a base. My friend has almost 8k fans for his website on FB and it can make a real difference to visitors & traffic numbers.

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