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Thread: New Paypal Scam I just saw

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    New Paypal Scam I just saw

    I have an online shop and receive money via paypal. I received an email which looked like one of the payment receipts I get from Paypal ... except it had a warning in thunderbird unusual but not like I don't get those warnings.

    Luckily I have a routine when it comes to purchases being made and I followed it just like I normally do. I check the sites admin and the person has attempted to make a purchase gone through to paypal but no return, ok maybe something happened. Then my staff receive a phone call from this person saying how he purchased the item and paid for it but his system crashed he gave them the paypal receipt number. So they contact me saying what he told them, I tell them I am already looking into it and did he leave a phone number I will give him a call. No they said he will call back in 20 minutes to find out whats going on.

    I look into my paypal account and no mention of his purchase or the receipt number hmm whats going on, I go back to the email and fair enough I find it doesn't come from paypal servers but some russian server. I tell my staff if he rings back to let him know we have notified the police, he rings back and starts abusing them saying our system crashed, we are ripping him off, changes his story several times etc.. They tell him the phone number is being traced and good luck with the police and hang up.

    I have seen scams in the past but this one went over the top normally they don't want to be known maybe they have found that bullying companies into sending products works or sending refunds??

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    They sure do make these scam emails look legit. Early in my selling online with Paypal, I decided to use an email address that is specific to that account. I can usually tell the scams right off as they come to my regular email and I don't have paypal on those accounts.

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