Hey guys - Looking for someone to point me in the right direction, or even point someone in my direction.

Random thought:
I'm fairly adept at learning new things at a fast pace, and I would prefer to learn how to build/manage what I'm asking for, rather than hiring someone else to do it, and then being forced to hire them again for regular site/store maintenance, upgrades.

Here's the general "idea". I've got a few seedlings of online businesses in my head. The first would be a monthly/quarterly service. Visitors would hit the site, select a slew of products, and add them to their cart. They could go from here and order all the products once. OR They could set up the products to ship now, and then automatically be purchased and shipping at a regular interval. Now that the visitor is a customer they'd need to be able to revisit the site, adjust shipping/billing info, but more importantly, update the items in the "subscription" (the items or the interval)

I would prefer a Joomla type setup. Plug-ins and the like, that can be customized. Basically it would need to be the full e-commerce setup. I used "Volusion" extensively when I worked for a LARGE United States Ski/Sports Retailer.

-Shipping info
-Customer Reviews
-The whole enchilada.

Maybe some of you more experienced folks here can also tune me into what I might be missing as far as the store is concerned?