Change made today to the Forum Rules that affect both members who do have signatures and members who don't.

This has been added to the rule on signatures:
If you have a signature and the majority of your posts are short posts you could get an infraction for making posts just to get your signature seen.

This is not going to be retroactively applied, but there are some users with signatures who drop in once a month or so to make a short one liner to keep their accounts live and there are some users who, once they've built some post count the proper way, start misusing their accounts by resorting to "signature dropping" i.e. the only posts they make are short ones that don't say much and don't add value to the discussion. That's not in the spirit of these forums.

1. Whether you have a signature or not, if you're too busy then don't make any post at all rather than making a short one just to keep your account from going dormant! Mods may use their discretion and simply soft delete such posts without notice to you or take further action, but I'm sure there won't be any established members making persistent violations.

2. If you don't have the time to write longer posts that add value and your only posts are short ones, you'd be better off if you remove your signature so the mods don't read your activity as signature dropping. Signature dropping is going to be viewed very seriously.