This Nixxie Review page covers the details of the program and its pros and cons.

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Quick Facts:
    1. Program name: Nixxie
    2. URL:
    3. Country: UK
    4. Ad types: Text ads in IAB compliant units, search listings modules, price comparison listing modules, directory-style ads, more details can be found here
    5. Ad formats/sizes: Samples of every ad type Nixxie offers can be found here
    6. Commission types / Payment Model: CPC
    7. Rate per click/lead/etc: N/A
    8. Payment methods: PayPal
    9. Minimum payout: Varies according to currency of origin
    10. Payout percentage share with publishers: N/A
    11. Payment frequency: NET 45
    12. Auto-accepts ads / option for manual ad approval: N/A
    13. Setup method: Manual code insertion in HTML or XML
    14. Skills and effort required to setup and manage: Average skills to setup and manage
    15. Time until relevant ads appear on website after signup/installation: Within a few minutes of pasting the ad code, if no ads are available, "run-of-network" ads are displayed until more relevant ones are matched, typically within 48 hours
    16. Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: Not permitted to display PPC ads from the other networks on the same page and the same time as Nixxie PPC ads
    17. Requirements / Restrictions: Full list of site requirements can be found here
    18. Coverage and Geographic focus: US, UK and Netherlands coverage, Germany, France Italy and Spain soon to be included
    19. Support/troubleshooting: Dedicated account managers assigned to each publisher, troubleshooting info and tech support contact details can be found here
    20. Contact info: Contact info page here

    Nixxie is a contextual advertising network based in the UK. They serve ads in UK, US and the Netherlands with plans to include Germany, France Italy and Spain soon. Full review of Nixxie.

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