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Thread: Totally new to this...what should I do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NForster View Post
    Hey Slim, from another newbie, you appear well researched and Iam amazed that with what you already have picked up that you haven't progressed onto getting your hands dirty!
    NForster, Welcome to EP. Slim Picky has not posted on this forum in quite some time. I'd like to invite you to post an introduction of yourself in the Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself section of Experienced-People. As you know that content has value, it sounds as though you have been studying and learning to build sites. Your suggestions above indicate you are not as new to this as some who join here, that are starting from the very beginning.

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    Interesting thread. OP sounded very knowledgeable, he was leading with his questions to test the competency of the forum. Apparently he caved in when he was dumbfounded by the forum's member vast skill sets. Proof in the recipe that this forum is guarded and protected by dedicated people who take professionalism to the next level. Don't try any funny business in here because the breakers will trip and the rest will be history.

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