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Thread: Has anyone ever seen a good deal from websiteproperties.com?

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    Has anyone ever seen a good deal from websiteproperties.com?

    I am on their list and check their listings occasionally but everything I've ever seen seemed overpriced.

    Anyone ever made a purchase through them?

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    Every property they list looks overpriced to me as well. In fact, I'm going to unsubscribe to their notifications. Their emails come out rarely. When they do they have just one site listed in the email. They provide hardly any information about that one site, not even the URL. And it's overpriced.

    It doesn't reassure me that they don't use their account here to keep abreast of what's happening in these forums and what buyers/sellers want. In fact, David Fairley asked for feedback and opinions here. We took the time to provide some pretty good feedback (I thought) and didn't get so much as a thank you. He never posted in that thread again.

    We get cases in this forum of people signing when there's talk about their company or service. However, if they have signed up just to reply to those posts, they have violated a Forum Rule that's so basic it's called rule 0.

    By not participating in threads about one's company and services (or even thanking people who've helped in posts), one gives the impression of not really wanting to engage with buyers and sellers to answer genuine questions and concerns. Maybe it's a time thing, but companies like Flippa make the time and do engage here and elsewhere (despite my rants and raves). In the last month I've seen multiple Flippa staff, including the owner, taking part on these forums. It would be great if websiteproperties did that too.

    <added> Has anyone here made a purchase through them? Not me personally, but I have helped others who've bought through websiteproperties and I came away from those purchases with a good impression of websiteproperties, how they handle enquiries from buyers, their responses to questions etc.
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