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Thread: Make money with Google Analytics?

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    Make money with Google Analytics?

    GA announced yesterday that you can now export custom dashboards.

    The button will bring up a URL that you can send to anyone you’d like or publish on your blog...Sharing this link will only share a template, not the data about your site traffic. So for example sharing a dashboard will provide a user with the dashboard name, widgets and data fields to be populated with data from their (own) Analytics account.
    Given the complex beast that GA has now become, and the fact that there are already specialists developing in the field (example) who advise on the creation of custom dashboards, is there an opportunity here to create custom dashboards for sale?

    Google provides some samples towards the end of that post.
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    I don't know if anyone would buy a dashboard design, but it sounds like the type of thing that would make good link bait or that you could trade in exchange for an email signup.

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