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Thread: Two great reads, one about Google and the other about the financial world

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    Yes, that makes sense and I do agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave McM View Post
    If you'd rather not discuss it, that's your choice. But I would have been interested to hear your definition of non-economic government intervention.
    I think this thread has drifted away from the OP enough. Besides, I really can't make a better case for the free market than the widely accepted authors who have written on the subject have. If you want and haven't read any of them, you can look up Milton Friedman or the Austrian school of economics or Ayn Rand and objectivism - just a few of top of my head.

    And as my final point, I don't trust government. Period. They don't work in my best interest and I'm forced to pay 50% of my income for it, and that's not including inflation and the hoops I have to jump to comply with their rules in order to do business. If we accept that money represents power too, they take over 50% of my power that I could otherwise use to discourage bad companies from doing bad things. One has to be fine with the job the government does with the power granted to them and think that they wouldn't do it better themselves. I'm not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saul View Post
    Yes, that makes sense and I do agree.
    Awesome. When you scratch the surface, it's almost beyond belief what's being allowed to continue, or is being provoked, on this planet because of simple human greed.

    When looked at from an objective and purely biological evolutionary perspective, it's becoming clear that behaviours that once helped us succeed as a species, are now working against us. Just because we got this far doesn't mean we'll always be around but a misplaced belief in our own importance in the grand scheme of things is one of the behaviours I'm talking about.

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