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Thread: Business Abbreviations & Acronyms particularly in relation to website buying and selling

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    Business Abbreviations & Acronyms particularly in relation to website buying and selling

    [Note: Many of the pages explaining how this forum works (like this one) were originally written before changes to the forum management and structure in April 2013. EP is a large site and although the information below has been updated, some parts of the site (including some of the pages linked to below) may not yet reflect the changes. Please bear with us - we'll be amending the other pages as soon as we can!]

    I've got a more detailed glossary of terms used in the buying / selling of websites, but this sticky is for the abbreviations people are likely to come across in our threads. Please add your suggestions

    API = Advanced Programming Interface (normally a gateway between your website and another websites tool)
    AS = Adsense
    AW = AdWords
    BE = Break Even
    BH = Black Hat (SEO method that's not necessarily approved by the SEs)
    BHW = Black Hat World, a forum for discussing black hat techniques
    BL = Backlink/s
    BW = BandWidth (the amount of bandwidth used)
    CB = ClickBank Affiliate Network
    CJ = Commission Junction Affiliate Network
    CMS = Content Management System
    CPM = Cost Per Mille (Latin for thousand)
    CR = Conversion Rate
    CTR = Click-Through Rate
    DP = Digital Point Forums
    DD = Due Diligence
    EBITDA = Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization
    eCPM = effective cost per mille
    EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer
    EMD = Exact (keyword) Match Domain
    EP = Experienced People (this site and/or the sister site)
    EPC = Earning Per Click
    FTR = Free To Register (i.e. available domain)
    FP = - this was an independent forum that merged with us in April 2012
    G = Google
    GA = Google Analytics
    GAKT = Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    GATE = Google Adwords Traffic Estimator
    Gorg = Google as in Google + Borg (of the "resistance is futile" fame)
    GWT = Google Webmaster Tools
    Hits = Sometimes confused with UV's but a hit consists of an image loaded, a file loaded etc.
    IAB = Interactive Advertising Bureau (also used to refer to the standard sizes of ads on the 'net)
    IB = Interest Based (ads in Adsense that are based on what Google thinks the visitor is interested in)
    IBL = Incoming Backlink/s
    IP = Intellectual Property or Internet Protocol (the unique number that identifies your connection to the net)
    IM = Internet Marketing
    JS = JavaScript
    JV= Joint Venture
    JVP= Joint Venture Partner
    LoI = Letter of Intent
    LSL = Long Sales Letter
    MFA = Made for Adsense
    MLR = Master Label Rights
    MMO = Make Money Online
    MRR = Master Resale Rights
    MO = modus operandi (not strictly a website buying term but it does crop up on these boards)
    NPB = Non Paying Bidder (someone who wins an auction at somewhere like Flippa and then absconds)
    OP = Original Post / Original Poster
    OS = Operating System (as in Windows, Linux etc)
    PLR = Private Label Rights
    PPC = Pay Per Click (also used to mean "Pills, Porn and Casino" i.e pharma, porn and gambling - legal sectors that aren't universally approved or liked)
    PPV = Pay Per View
    PR = Google's Page Rank (Also Public Relations)
    PV = Page Views (how many pages are viewed on your website)
    ROI = Return on Investment
    RPM = Revenue Per Mille (thousand)
    SE = Search Engine/s
    SP= Sitepoint Forums
    SEM = Search Engine Marketing
    SEO = Search Engine Optimization
    SERP = Search Engine Result Page
    ToTW = Threads of The Week, a bulletin we used to send out to all members who hadn't opted out of receiving admin emails: more here. Now superseded by our opt-in newsletter.
    TTM = Trailing Twelve Months (revenue)
    UGC = User Generated Content
    USP = Unique Selling Proposition
    UV = Unique Visitors (the unique number of ip's to your site)
    vB = vBulletin, the software that runs forums like this one
    WH = WhiteHat (SEO method approved by the SEs)
    WP = Wordpress
    WSO = Warrior Special Offer (products offered by members of the Warrior Forum to other members )
    YOY = Year on Year

    WHOIS = (used to mean) Domain Ownership Details more
    Pr0n = Porn
    Slippa = Sitepoint (SP) + Flippa

    Came here for an answer and didn't find it above? Or have a suggestion for a abbreviation? Have a question about one of the above abbreviations? Please post it in this Abbreviation and Acronym Support Thread.
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