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Thread: The future of domains?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akirk View Post
    Because I challenge you to tell someone your QR code over the telephone
    If I have an inquiry, I will not 'tell someone' my QR Code, I would send it. Business is changing, office phones have yet to catch up... Any methods that enable faster or greater customer satisfaction usually finds adoption.

    Web browsers are inconvenient and overdone. I want someone to say my product into their phone (without having to call me), and press a button to check out.

    I will accept your point for non-visual advertising such as radio and podcasts, but that does not require an expensive EMD.

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    Agree Ken, the thing is, I think that the folks on here are on the wave ahead of the main population - admittedly the gap between waves is narrowing so folks are no longer as far behind - but I think that generally folks are most comfortable with text...

    a print advert: a QR code is very neat - but there have been issues with people sticking their own QR codes over the top - how does the punter spot the difference? - a domain name is evocative and contextual from the second it is seen - a QR code is not...
    imagine two full page adverts:
    - www.seethenewporsche.com
    - a QR code
    no other content - which is going to stir the most interest...?

    also, the ability for someone to say your product into their phone relies on their knowing what to say / being aware of the product...

    I think that word based domains are here for the long term
    ultimately it is about the psychology of the visitor, not the technology of the visited.


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