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    Howdy - just wanted to take the time to introduce myself. Came this way via the way of reading Clinton's comments on the SPI blog.

    I already own a select profile of websites - from software, to soccer, to apps, to pets. I've owned everything in between too. I already make some spare cash from my current websites. Depending on what time of year it is since some of my sites are seasonal, my income can range anywhere between $200 - $500 p/month. Through hard work I've managed to spend some time on sites to where they're earning without a lot of maintenance (my highest earning site I spend around a couple of hours a month - if that). My goal is to get to the point where I have 5 or 6 websites earning around $1k each.

    My reason being here is as follows - I'm considering selling one or two of my current websites to fund purchasing other sites with possible greater earning potential. I optimize my sites so they rank in Google and get a kick out of beating the competition (using white hat techniques only).

    However, I'm new to both the selling and buying of sites since I buy the domain and work on sites when I can in my spare time. I'd love to pick other forum members on topics such as how much to charge for my site, how do I know how much a site is worth, when to sell, when to buy, when to walk away, etc. etc.



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    Hello InternetMonkeh.
    Well if your here to learn about buying and selling sites, you could not have found a better spot to begin. Information worth thousands just laying around the place
    You'll also find a lot of information about how to DD a website here and also some sound advice about creating and planning an exit strategy, I hope you will open a thread to discuss this as you find the questions.

    Welcome to the forums and I look forward to chatting with you further, if your into SEO you should find some of the recent discussions enthralling and those are just the publicly visible ones.

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    Hello InternetMokeh and welcome!

    Slowdive is right, there is a ton of great info lying around just waiting to be read and acted upon. And there are a lot of people here who are quite good at DD. The only caveat I would give is please contribute and be a part of the forum beyond just asking for DD help. I'm not saying that you're just hear to extract DD help but rather to say if you become an active participant, more people will be willing to help out with DD and other issues.

    See ya around the forums,

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