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    Hello Everybody

    Hi. My online moniker is KC12 (from my initials and a number to try and keep the same across multiple websites) I was directed here by Clinton on UKBF (I am the same KC12 as there).

    After graduating from DMU Leicester (Computer Studies) I struggled to get a good job, I am in a dead end min wage job at the moment to make ends meet. This is what kick started my interest in business in general and computer ones in particular.

    I am really interested in buying a business, I am currently looking at uk business for sale, although there is a lot of chaff to separate from the wheat over there. If anyone here knows of good sites or has brought a business, or perhaps knows a good book, I'd love to hear about it. I've seen lots of bokks and articles on start ups but not many on buying a business especially as a 'been there done it' style rather than an instruction guide.

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    Hi KC12, welcome to Experienced People. I'm not sure that you really need recommendations for another website or for a book. Things change so fast anyway that a "been there done that" kind of book might not work now anyway. You'd be better off coming up with a plan of what you'd like to do, how you think you could monetise it, and then bounce your ideas off people here after you've done some research into it. Just my opinion. Anyway, glad to have you here so join in and make the most of it.
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    Hi KC12. I'm fairly new here, but I'd like to extend my own welcome to you. You've ended up on the job market in a very different world from what it was when I started work. Now that less than half the working population is in long-term 'core' jobs, it's become much more important to have at least some understanding of how to run a business. This forum is a superb place to learn most of the necessary mindset as well as the skills.

    Since you've just completed a Computer Studies degree you should have got used to the idea that even the most recently-published technical textbook must be at least 2 years out of date, but I think that books about starting and running businesses are likely to remain valid for rather longer. I'll leave it to the relevant experts to give you recommendations.

    Well done for taking on a job, even if it is a dull one. The important thing about any job is to do it energetically, to the best of your ability. If you have time to spare while doing that, look around and talk to your boss (or anyone else further up the ladder who is willing to help) about how the company works. Try to learn as much as you can outside and above the job you're currently doing. You should at least learn something useful, and you may even get promoted to a more challenging position. Don't sit around telling everyone that the job is beneath you, as I have seen many people do. That approach will not work.

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