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Thread: Marketplace websites reviews

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    Marketplace websites reviews

    Dear site flippers,

    I thought it would be a good idea to create a index; a list of website reviews where you as a flipper can either buy or sell a website. Although I am sure that there are more qualified flippers on this forum to review a site then me, I will give it a go. Feel free to correct my reviews or write one from your perspective.

    Digital Point
    This seems to be a marketplace where you should stay away from as a seller, but it might be an interesting place for a buyer; the website section is filled with trash but has a occasional hidden gem. Make sure that if you find a established website with revenue, to do some extensive digging, the scam rate seems to be high.

    Flippa seems to be a great marketplace to sell your website. You should search for some of meathead1234's post about how to sell your website on Flippa. For example, dont be afraid to pay some extra free's to get on the frontpage, it will be worth it.

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    We've covered digitalpoint here and in other threads, and we have no shortage of threads about Flippa which you could find if you use the search facility.

    If you wish to add any locations to a list, there's a list here. It may be worth doing it there rather than in a new thread.
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