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Thread: FP - The "short" list of things to consider before buying a site

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    Post The "short" list of things to consider before buying a site addendum

    I'm finding great material here on EP and here is some additional information that will tie in nicely with the OP. I think I'm in danger of suffering from brain overload again though.

    Link: Basic Due Diligence on site for sale on Flippa - MrStork.com
    Major points:
    1. Always check the buyer background and history
    2. Dig a bit deeper
    3. Analyze writing pattern
    Something else worth checking are some of the whois records....
    Experience shows that sellers with fake testimonials on their sites are not quality sellers.
    Do your due diligence!

    Link: Few questions about flipping
    Major points:
    Having an interest/passion in the subject matter of the website is not a necessity.

    Link: Flippa auctions 1 week or 1 months?
    Major Points:
    <$20k run it for a week.
    $20k - $100k run for 2 weeks.
    >$100k run it for a month.
    Auction needs to be long enough for the potential buyer to do their due diligence. The more complicated the longer the duration needs to be.

    Link: How do you find web sites to purchase and improve
    Major points:
    There are still opportunities out there for those willing to work.
    When searching for techniques restrict your searches to the past year or even past month to help filter out outdated procedures.
    The typical techniques used to find backlinks work very well for finding websites to buy.
    Today is another of the good old days for some methods that work now and won't in the future.

    Link: How To Do DD on a Clickbank product site?
    Major points:
    The most important thing you need to do is some analysis on the affiliates who are bringing in sales.
    Another important thing to consider is whether there's any personal interaction with the top-affiliates.
    It's essential to google their Clickbank IDs in order to try and find out whether they're promoting any other products or just this one....
    You need to have a clear overview on how many affiliates there are, whether there are some "super-affiliates" or not etc. to get a proper overview.

    Link: Site Flipping 101
    Major points:
    You need to be able to afford at least a domain and hosting.
    As a rule of thumb, donít expect much for a new site.
    I would recommend starting out on somewhere like DP where there is no listing fee and learn how the business works with a few small transactions etc.
    I would recommend starting out small as it does take a while to get used to, and ultimately it comes down to judgement and experience not clever tools or checklists.

    Link: Tip to adsense site buyers - always ask for url or site channel screenshots
    Major points:
    It's always a good idea to ask for url or site channel screenshot.
    Many sellers who seem honest and trustworthy overwise may choose to display their site in a better light by omitting some relevant stats and info.
    Always ask for first when considering an adsense site for purchase is a screenshot of the site channel for past 3 months.

    Link: Watching out for Stolen Domain Scams
    Main points:
    1. The domain seems to contain a fully fledged website
    2. The BIN price seems too good to be true
    3. Whois details have been updated in the last few days
    4. Seller has only been on Flippa for a few days
    5. Large number of comments have been deleted
    6. Seller requests payment via wire transfer

    Link: What skill sets are required to make money flipping web sites
    Major points:
    Business skills
    The ability to delegate
    content / marketing / coding / design skills
    Negotiation and general business skills
    #1 Being able to sift through the mountains of junk, preferably using some automation, to find potential buys
    #2 Being a cynical, suspicious sod as you have to see through all the sellers' gloss
    #3 Having experience monetising sites in the sector / niche you're considering and in the monetising methods used by the sites you're considering
    #4 Being able to form an educated guess on the main risks faced by your prospective buys
    #5 Being able to quantify those risks and adjust for them in the price determination
    #6 Being able to do DD on traffic, on revenue, on time required to run the site, on everything
    #7 Having the ability to negotiate the deal, agree contractual terms, complete the transaction safely, transfer the site to your hosting a/c
    #8 Having the skills to add value to the site via your existing contacts, via access to content, via owning other sites in the niche etc.
    #9 Knowing where and how to list your site for sale and how to conduct a sale to get maximum price rather than simply listing on Flippa
    #10 Last but not least - having common sense and good business acumen.

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