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Thread: Personal advice from me, private assistance and other matters

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    Personal advice from me, private assistance and other matters

    If you're a regular member of this site, this thread is not for you.

    I've created this thread as a boilerplate reply to the numerous PMs I receive everyday. If you have been sent to this thread, it's because you're a (relatively) new member who has contacted me by PM (or email) for private assistance or advice.

    Please excuse this standard reply, but my replying individually to so many PMs (and emails), many of which are quite long and with numerous questions, has become a huge drag on my time, time which I should be spending improving these boards rather than providing one-to-one assistance. If I sent you a PM/email referring you to this thread, please read this to the end.

    Many years ago, I used to provide people free advice and assist them with matters related to buying and selling online businesses. I made thousands of posts in various forums helping people out and exchanged thousands of PMs with advice and assistance. Here's an example from just one forum: Do a Google search for + "FruitMedley Post".

    It was getting too much and a lot of the advice was repetitive. So I started and posted FREE information on due diligence, how to find businesses for sale, how to sell a website, how to make money online etc. I wrote several hundred pages of content that has found its way to millions of people who either arrived at the site and read this material or paid good money to read copies and "reworded" versions of it in various Make Money Online and "site flipping" ebooks and courses.

    For a while things died down. Then I started getting the odd email asking for help in specific situations or wanting to partner with me or offering me services in exchange for learning from me. I was back to square one.

    So I started these forums and spent many months of full time work attracting other folk with experience of online business/ buying and selling websites/ valuations and the like. The idea was people who were approaching me for assistance could now post in the forum and get assistance from other people like me willing to share tips and ideas and give freely of their time. Further, these discussions would all be public for others to benefit from and it has worked well. We now have thousands of solid discussions and this site is the premier resource for information in this field. It's still all FREE. But ...

    I still get PMs from people who want to partner specifically with me, work for/with me, discuss their ideas with me, pick my brains or otherwise interact directly with me.! C'mon, guys, have I not given enough away for free? Such requests demand my time - I have to read all comms/PMs - and replying is costing me in excess of ten hours a week. It has to stop.

    As much as I'd like to, I simply do not have the time to compile detailed replies to all PMs/emails. This applies to people who've recently signed up and don't have a history of participation on these boards. If you haven't contributed to threads, shared your own knowledge and experiences (everybody has knowledge and experiences to share), raised good questions to stimulate interesting discussion ... then it's unreasonable of you, IMO, to expect my personal attention. If, on the other hand, you have over 50 posts on this forum (VIP member), feel free to PM me anytime and I will answer you personally on any matter even if all you want to know is what I had for breakfast!

    If you are new to these boards I would like you to still feel free to PM me but only if it's a matter that's exclusively related to participation on these boards. If it's anything else, or if you've been sent back to this thread, then it's because I feel your PM was less related to interacting with me in my capacity as forum administrator and more related to interacting with me for my business experience.

    If you still want to speak with me personally rather than posting a thread with your question, then I've decided to have a system to filter out the less serious as, I'm really sorry to say this again, but I simply do not have the time to get into personal discussions with every (relatively) new registrant. Here's what you can do to demonstrate you're serious - make a donation of exactly USD 201.17 (random figure I picked) to any registered UK charity and send me proof of that donation. Once payment is made I will give you one hour on the phone at a mutually convenient time (or email) and you can raise anything you want with me.

    Alternatively, of course, you could make some quality posts and become a VIP member when you get to 50 posts and then PM me on whatever you want and I'll reply - free of charge. I would prefer you did it this way. Remember to avoid posting fluff if you don't want to get banned and lose whatever post count you've built.

    If you want to engage my consultancy services in posts helping others, or pay in cash. This is an admin thread and closed to discussion.

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