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Thread: Pretty effects for your websites: CSS3 Transitions and animations

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    Pretty effects for your websites: CSS3 Transitions and animations

    Hi all,

    have just come across this very useful site and thought I would share it.

    (Note: All links are in text, please copy and paste if you wish to have a look)

    the link is: css3.bradshawenterprises.com/all/

    There is a lot of very nice information here about eye candy that can be applied, lots of examples and also very useful details about specific situations (eg. IE compatibility, how to degrade, etc).

    In particular, I would highlight:

    - Will it work for me?
    A simple section that has a bit of code detecting your browser and letting you know what it supports. Things in green, supported, things in red, time to download another browser to have a look and see what you are missing out on =) Scroll down until you see the section, or do a search for "Will it work for me?". This is also available in text form at: css3.bradshawenterprises.com/support/

    - Notes on browser support and How will it look in legacy browsers
    Doesn't seem to make sense to use all the greatest techniques and hire a developer/designer to do a kick-butt website only to have it look awful for some of your client base. These 2 sections give some tips in issues and the solutions that have been found to work in older/non-supported browsers. These are right down the bottom of the page, as per above scroll or search.

    The How to use ____ are great if you are more technically inclined or just plain curious. The sections that give demos have more than enough pretty bits for you to play with and just see what you like, or give you a great new idea =)

    Overall, I think everyone at EP can gain something from this site, whether or not you do your own design, coding, or even if it is just a nice display idea to ask your developer to implement in your next website, or even just wow...pretty!


    A. CuriousBug
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    Nice post, CuriousBug. You might also like this thread.
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