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Thread: An idea i need advise with.

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    An idea i need advise with.

    Hello again to all,
    Ok i have had a few months since i first joined here and im still searching and learning and my latest idea is to do with buying/selling on ebay and through my own website.

    Now i have had an idea regarding this today which i would love some advise/reasons to or not to go ahead from people that are probably a lot more intelligent than myself,and people that already are successful in business.

    The idea is to recycle car parts to sell.Now i realise there are many scrap yards/breakers etc around although not many near me.It could be that its better to specialise with a certain make.

    So the questions i have are,

    Does this seem viable,
    Am i missing something obvious to not be thinking about doing this,
    Anything else i should be thinking about with this.

    Now although this isnt perhaps exactly what this forum is about i feel its not far off as the idea would be to eventually set up a website to sell parts or through ebay.So im sorry if this thread isnt appropriate if thats the case then feel free to remove it,if not then please any advise or help regarding anything would be much appreciated from people on here.Many thanks.

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    These forums are all about making money online - and using ebay is certainly one such route...
    There are certainly people out there who do what you are suggesting... and many will use their own website and ebay - as a mixed offering...

    recycling car parts is viable, however it has (like any business) its issues you will need to consider...
    you won't sell all bits - so you will need to consider how you dispose of the rest
    you will need to think about warranties / returns
    you will need premises to dismantle (not a home job if being run as a business!)
    you will need to know mechanics pretty well
    you will need to build up a reputation for expertise in a particular area...

    focusing on a make / etc. is good as someone buying bits will come back
    but choose carefully - some people will spend money to keep their cars going - others won't - best option might be luxury cars...

    basically it is a business as any other - you would be just using ebay / website as a tool for the business...


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    Just to add a word to Alasdair's good advice ...

    I imagine there would be safety issues with anything involving cars. In most countries, the supply of car parts is probably regulated in some way - and rightly so. After all, the customer is trusting their life, and the lives of others, on the parts that they are installing in their vehicels.

    Presumably that wouldn't be an issue if you were selling exclusively to the trade, but that's not likely to be the case if you are using the likes of eBay.

    Just a thought.


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    This is viable. I see several additional things you could do here; I'm sure there are others. akirk and Mikl both brought up good points that you will need to consider.

    • Set up a service based website to find parts for customers. I have seen lots of these, and even most salvage yards offer this service.
    • Buy the parts/vehicle up front and then part it out selling the parts on ebay or elsewhere.
    • This one is multi-step.
      • NOTE: This would probably be less profitable per part than the previous suggestion, but would require less capital and be a 'safer' method.
      • Research and make sure you can obtain the part and at what cost.
      • Sell the part on ebay or wherever.
      • Buy the part and ship it to the customer.

    Specializing in a specific make could eventually establish you as the go-to-person for that make, especially if the parts are difficult to find/obtain and you are good at providing them. You could always start out specializing in a specific make and then expand depending on demand.

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    Find your market first and then create the product they want/need.

    If you could develop a decent parts search engine and offer it to the salvage yards you could do very well without even touching a part. I think the industry is in need of better than what they now have. I have been trying to search for a part for my car for months now and it has been very frustrating. The system that most of them are using (in the US) is antiquated.

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    I agree with others that it is a viable idea assuming you have the space to store parts. Why not start by specialising in a small part - eg manufacturer badge for BMW, Nissan cars etc. Won't take up much storage space

    We had to buy parts online recently for our Megane estate after it had a big row with a large garden gate We looked on ebay and then did a web search for the parts we needed. I came across a couple of sites where you can input the part required and any requirements such as age of vehicle/colour etc and it then informs hundreds of yards that you are looking for prices. If you signed up with this type of site it would help to bring in customers - not sure what it costs.

    We got about 8 emails from companies stocking our spares. The variation in price was ludicrous. We needed a new bonnet and bought one in the right colour for 65 plus delivery (carriage costs are high for large spares). Another of the quotes we received was 695 plus VAT and delivery!
    If you are thinking of this, then you could ask for spares on a couple of these sites to get an idea of low, average and high prices for your own spares?
    I assume if you join as a trader in spares then it would also show you unfulfilled enquiries - and that might help you to find a niche if, for example, there were 80 people looking for an electric window motor and they are listing as still looking then it suggests not many of the traders are selling this spare.

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