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Thread: Does anyine have experience of Cleeng?

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    Does anyine have experience of Cleeng?

    I'm beginning to see Cleeng more frequently as I browse sites for information. As a reader, it lets me access pay-to-view content at a dollar or so per article, but I'm not sure how the subscription mode works. The publisher info seems to indicate that I'd need a separate subscription per publication: to be useful to me it would have to provide bulk purchase terms that I could use to access all publishers.

    The price still seems pretty high for personal use - I can buy a complete printed newspaper for the price of a couple of online articles, and a year's subscription to an online magazine where I'm likely to read a couple of articles per issue would be far better value. Does anyone here use Cleeng or have opinions on it?

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    Do not use Cleeng: first they post a price which is lower than the real price (only once you receive the e-invoice you are warned that your bank may count addition charges as they are based in NL....) and second they offer poor services: I have paid and cannot access the article - even though I sent my bank receipt, they keep claiming my bank has rejected my payment!

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