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Thread: FAQ: Can someone help me sell my website?

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    FAQ: Can someone help me sell my website?

    People seem to be arriving here from search engines looking for assistance with selling their websites, looking for someone to help them sell. So, let me address this question.

    First, yes, I appreciate selling a website can seem fairly complicated to a first time seller. So I understand you looking for help. Whether you can get assistance and where to go for it depends on how much your site is worth. No, I don't mean the price you'd like to get. I mean the price buyers are likely to pay. They are often very different things. If you need help working out what your site is worth, start a thread in our valuation forum.

    If your website is likely to fetch $50K or more, it may be worth speaking to a few brokers. If it's worth less than $50K, the better brokers probably wouldn't be interested. If you think your site is worth $50K+ by all means speak to a broker, they don't charge to take a quick look and decide whether it's worth their time (i.e. whether it's likely to sell at the asking price). The polite ones would always reply but if you haven't heard back from a broker it's likely because he didn't think he could get that price and so doesn't want to take the job on.

    If your site is worth a few hundred dollars and a broker offers to act for you, avoid him! It takes time, effort and some knowledge to successfully broker a site. Nobody who has that ability and time is going to work on a percentage of a few hundred dollars. Not even if you offer him a 90% commission.

    Whether your site is broker grade or not, you can sell it yourself! Some sellers here have done better themselves, IMO, than if they had used a broker. There's plenty of advice around on these boards - we are the premier source of information on this topic - or you can start a thread to ask your own questions.
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