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Thread: Answer the BUYER'S questions, stupid

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    Answer the BUYER'S questions, stupid

    After reading another boring, long drawn out sales pitch this morning from a seller who, like most sellers, was trying too hard to impress ... I was so cheesed off that I put together an article on my .co.uk site today.

    Bear in mind I haven't been writing for that site now for ages - I had to get really cranky to motivate myself to put together this article. It deals with how sellers should answer the questions buyers have in their minds and not the convenient questions the seller thinks make for good answers.

    I was going to post the article here, but it's quite long and besides, I could drive some more traffic here by posting on that site and linking to this discussion.

    Bad Question To Answer: How easy it is to run this business? (Nobody believes you, they'll form their own opinion during due diligence)

    Instead provide information on what human capital/ accumulated business knowledge and experience accompanies the sale. What form is it in? (management team / embedded in smart software / a pdf manual)

    Bad Question To Answer: How all/most of your traffic is free traffic from Google (bad business model).

    Instead, try these: How resilient is your business to changes in underlying conditions? How sustainable is the model? Is there any real IP underlying the business's core value? What are the key contracts and key relationships you have in place?

    Show solidity behind the business plan and operation!

    Article: Answer The Investor's Questions, Not Your Own

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    Find the right business brokers to maximise the value you extract from your business and improve the chances of selling your business.

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    Answer the BUYER'S questions

    and there also lies the key to building ANY web presence. (not just the ones you are looking to sell).

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    I understand what you are saying Clinton, however, when some of these buyers who just registered that same day and have no experience with flippa and ask a question already covered in the listing text, it is frustrating.

    Having said that, I would politely respond to him in the public comments section irregardless.

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