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Browsing this site doesnít reveal your identity publicly. This site does not collect or store data from you with the purpose of selling or renting the data or sending marketing emails. We collect no more data about each visitor than similar websites.

Any time you visit a page on the internet, you send quite a bit of information to the server. The web servers that host this site maintain access logs with the information that you send. These servers are owned by third parties and this information is used to provide site statistics and to get an idea of popular pages, what sites link here, and which sites are sending visitors.  The data logged may be used by us to solve technical problems with the site and, in cases of abuse of this site, to investigate the abuse.

Comments, trackbacks, pingbacks and forms submitted here will be identified by your IP address. It's sometimes possible to use these numbers to trace/identify someone or the ISP or employer / educational institution the IP address is registered to. Your IP address could potentially be used in conjunction with other data to identify you. If this is a concern please use an anonymous browsing service (see http://tor.eff.org).

Some of the facilities on this site are usable only if you have cookies enabled. You may wish to clear these cookies and the browser cache if you wish to refrain from revealing any identifying information, especially if you are using a public or shared computer.

In general, it is not our practice to disclose personal information to third parties. We may share personal information we collect in the following circumstances:

* As required by law, such as in response to a valid request from law enforcement.
* To designated third parties to resolve or investigate abuse complaints or to enhance, add or maintain functionality of this site
* When the information is related to spiders or bots, usually when investigating technical issues.
* For abusive users, we may release information to assist in attempting to block the abusive user or to complain to that userís Internet Service Provider.
* If necessary to defend legal claims against us by third parties.
* When we deem it necessary to protect the property or rights of the user community, or this website.

You are required to give your email address when you post a comment. We will not sell information collected via this site, such as your email address, to third parties. If you are concerned, you may wish to get a free email account or attempt to use a remail service.

If you choose to register on this site you need to provide a name, a user name and an email address. We use these to personalise your experience on the forums. By providing your email address you can receive important messages via your existing email account such as forum notifications and emails from the forum administrators. Your user name is how you are identified when you participate in the forums. We advise that additional optional information you provide for your registered profile may be publicly visible if you choose to fill these in. This includes optional demographic information such as your location, birthday and occupation. This information may also be collected and used by unknown third parties as it is publicly available. Do not provide these details if you do not wish them to be freely accessible via your profile or other page.

We implement reasonable security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or interception of personal information that we store or control. However, no site can fully eliminate security risks and we make no guarantee that the information that you provide us cannot be unlawfully intercepted / accessed. Please notify us if any such security breach occurs.